Welcome to my homepage!


I am Sumedh Warudkar. I completed my PhD in Chemical Engineering at Rice University in May 2013. I'll be working at the Shell Technology Center, Houston (STCH) starting July 2013. My work focus at Shell will be on improving the energy efficiency of refining processes, GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emission assessment for upstream and downstream capital projects and research on technologies available for reducing carbon emissions. For my doctoral research, I worked with Dr. George Hirasaki and Dr. Michael Wong on developing novel processes for the separation of Carbon-dioxide for Carbon Capture and Storage.

I am originally from India. Born and brought up mostly in Mumbai, actually in "Badlapur", a town near Mumbai. I have also lived a non-trivial number of years of my life in Bhopal, Pune and Surathkal. If this information interests you by any chance, keep reading more on "About me".